Get $10 off your first order, and get a $9.9 Italian National Team jersey with an order over $90. The Italian national football team has a rich history of success, with four world cup titles, and Italy's national team is among the best in the world. The Italian National Team is often referred to as "Gli Azzurri" or The Blues. This name comes from the traditional painting of House Savoy, which ruled over Italy during many time periods in history and continues today with its official flag! Italy's football rivalry with other nations is one of the most well-known and historical in world sport. The Azzurri have fought battles against Croatia, France Germany Spain on more than one occasion throughout history to establish themselves as a top team on this planet. The four stars above their crests represent all-time World Cup titles they've won, more than any other nation on Earth! The newest 2023 Italian National Team jersey is waiting for you!
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Italy jersey

Italy national team has enjoyed a lot of success on the football field. Are you looking for an Italy jersey to support your favorite team? Gogoalshop offers a wide range of Italy jerseys covering different versions from women, and men to kids. You can even customize your Italy jersey with the names and numbers of your favorite players, such as Andrea Pirlo. So follow up with this guide to purchase the right Italy jersey you truly need.




Basic information

  • Nickname: Gli Azzurri (The Blues)

  • Confederation: UEFA (Europe)

  • Year Founded: 1898

  • Team Owner: Italian Football Federation

  • Team Prsident: Carlo Tavecchio

  • Head coach: Roberto Mancini

  • Captain: Giorgio Chiellini

  • Most caps: Gianluigi Buffon (176)

  • Top scorer: Gigi Riva (35)

Bestseller of Italy jersey

Among all Italy jerseys sold at Gogoalshop, the best-selling Italy jersey is the Italy Home Jersey 2020 and Italy 2022 jersey. If you are looking for the most classic Italy jersey to buy, it's for sure that this is the one. If you ever notice the interaction on our social media, this is the one that's the most eye-catching one. The Italy home jersey 2020 is the perfect embodiment of everything that makes the country of Italy one of the most unique and beloved nations in the world. Inspired by the rich artistic traditions and architectural styles of Renaissance-era Italy, this stunning new jersey features intricate floral patterns and vibrant colors that are sure to turn heads on and off the pitch. What's more, this design theme of "Crafted by Culture" embodies the vibrant creativity, exuberant energy, and unshakable pride of Italians both at home and around the globe. With its unmistakably Italian look and feel, it is clear that the new Italy jersey is a testament to all that makes Italy a truly magnificent nation. So if you want to share in that rich culture and show your love for all things Italian, then look no further than this amazing new jersey!

Famous players who wear Italy jerseys


Italy is known around the world for its rich history and stunning natural beauty, but it is also home to some of the top athletes in the world, including a number of famous players on the national soccer team. One of the most iconic stars of Italian soccer is Andrea Pirlo, who was a key member of Italy's historic 2006 World Cup championship team. In addition to his success on the field, Pirlo has also established himself as a skilled commentator and analyst, providing expert insights on events like Euro 2016 and this year's World Cup in Russia. His impressive skills as a player, combined with his ability to connect with fans through commentary and analysis, have made him one of the most recognizable football stars in Italy today. Whether he's hustling down the field to notch an assist or sitting comfortably behind the desk breaking downplays for viewers at home, Pirlo remains one of the top players that represents Italy both on and off the field.  


History of the Italy team

Italy’s national football team, known by their nickname of the Azzurri (Blues), is one of Europe’s two most successful, along with Germany. When it comes to football, no country can match the rich history and pedigree of Italy. As one of the founding members of FIFA and the world's first international national team, it comes as no surprise that Italy is also home to one of the sport's most storied teams.


In 1910, long before it was known for its storied defense-focused style of play, Italy took on France in what would be the country's first-ever football match. Despite having been founded only a few months earlier in 1909, Italy dominated their French opponents from start to finish, romping to a 6-2 victory over a stunning French side.


The game was played in front of a packed crowd at the Arena Civica in Milan, with spectators hailing from both nations in attendance. In true Italian fashion, it was a dramatic match that ebbed and flowed throughout, but ultimately it was the Italians who emerged victorious thanks to some strong offensive play led by star striker Michele Andreolo.


Today, Italian fans celebrate this historic victory as one of their proudest footballing moments. And with its formidable players taking the field once again in classic blue jerseys, it's clear that Italy remains a force to be reckoned with in football history.


The glory of the Azzurri

Italy won two tournaments in 1934 and 1938, led by the trail-blazing Vittorio Pozzo as the coach and star player Giuseppe Meazza, coined as 'Il Genio' ('The Genius') by the press.

After picking up another Central European International Cup in 1935, Italy added to their trophy cabinet at the 1936 Olympics to win their first gold. La Nazionale beat Austria 2-1 to claim the prize eight years after their initial bronze medal.


In 1970, Italy reached the World Cup final for the first time since their last win in 1938 but was eventually beaten by the famous Brazil side that included Pele's final tournament appearance. The most memorable game, perhaps not only on Italy's road to the final but maybe even in tournament history, was the 4-3 semi-final win over West Germany


Italy is known for a football philosophy that revolves around a rock-solid defense. This solidity was key to their 2006 FIFA World Cup victory, their most recent major tournament triumph.


Italy's run to glory was impressive, conceding once in six games preceding the meeting with France, a storied rivalry in international competition. Along with Les Bleus overcoming Italy six years previous in the European Championship final, the rivals had met four times in previous World Cups (each side winning twice previous to 2006). The 2006 World Cup final is famous for not only the dramatic penalty shoot-out but mainly for Zinedine Zidane's headbutt on Italy defender Marco Materazzi.


From the classic blue home jersey to the white away jersey, each Italy jersey is steeped in tradition and passion. Whether you're cheering on the Azzurri at the World Cup or simply showing your support for one of the world's most storied soccer nations, an Italy jersey is a must-have for any true fan. So make sure to pick up your own Italian national team jersey today.