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Venezia Jersey On Sale

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Venezia Football Club, commonly referred to as Venezia, is a professional football club based in Venice, Italy, that currently plays in Serie A, the first tier of Italian football, following promotion via the play-offs from the 2020–21 season. Venezia FC have found themselves on many people's radars for 21/22 season thanks to their quite striking array of kits, arriving as part of their new partnership with Kappa, which coincided with the club's return to the top table of Italian football that is Serie A.

Kappa complete a clean sweep of kits for Venezia with the drop of the Serie A club’s fourth shirt for the 21/22 season, presenting a highly sophisticated look with a unique connection to the history of Venice.Just doesn’t seem fair does it? While you have to settle for just one passable option for the season in your club’s repertoire, Venezia have got not one, not two, hell, not even three, but four of the best shirt designs on offer this season. Let’s take a quick look at the four Venezia jersey for the 21/22 season.

Venezia Home Jersey 21/22



Kappa has unveiled its home shirt for Venezia FC, a striking black jersey with the famous stars of Basilica di San Marco arranged into a “V” A faint texture on the shirt’s base takes inspiration from Venetian walls near the lagoons around Venice, while the gold is a nod to city’s historical churches and art. In addition to the usual chest placement, Kappa’s iconic logo is also repeated on the shoulders while the club’s name replaces that of a shirt sponsor.


The jersey harkens back to the form’s heyday of the ’90s, when Kappa was responsible for some of the best shirts in the game. Appreciation for the retro aesthetic is so strong that this Venezia home jersey has been the top 1 hotseller at GoGoalShop till now.

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Venezia Away Jersey 21/22



The Venezia Away kit is a cream-colored shirt covered in a triangle pattern with a gradient that transforms horizontally from orange to black and then green.The shirt's repeating triangle pattern is inspired by the tradition of Venetian mosaics. To bring the connection to life, the campaign for the shirt was shot at Ca’ d’Oro — the historic palazzo on the Grand Canal, now a public museum known as the Galleria Giorgio Franchetti alla Ca’ d’Oro — which features a stunning mosaic floor in the portico that was a part of the life’s work of Giorgio Franchetti, Ca’ d’Oro’s last owner.


To complete the look, the away shirt features gold details, with a gold “Venezia” script across the chest and a special edition gold crest.

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Venezia Third Away Jersey 21/22


The design of Venezia third kit is an aqua-coloured shirt inspired by the Venetian lagoon, with a part of the proceeds being dedicated to local conservation.The body is framed in black with an intricate pattern from the shoulders through the sleeves. In a continuing theme of the 21/22 collection, the shirt features a gold “Venezia” script on the chest and a special edition gold crest, along with Kappa logos in gold.

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Venezia Fourth Away Jersey 21/22



The fourth shirt follows the outstanding home, away and third triple up, bringing yet another fresh and striking design to the fore. With gold details on Venetian red, the maglia bandiera is inspired by the iconic flag of the Republic of Venice, which is ever-present in the lagoon city, from Piazza San Marco to countless boats, balconies, and bacari. Adding a touch of Kappa’s classic style, the body is framed by black sleeves featuring the Italian kit maker’s famous repeating Omini logo in gold. The shirt is also adorned with the same special edition gold crest that appears on the 21/22 home shirt.


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